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Air conditioning

Why is it important to service your car air conditioning?


Over time build up of bacterial and fungal contamination can occur in your air conditioning system; this can lead to poor air flow and foul smells. In addition it can also lose up to 10% of its gas each year, becoming less efficient thus increasing your fuel consumption and over time leading to system failure.


An air conditioning refresh should be done every 12 months and consists of giving your car an anti-bacterial and odour treatment to cleanse the system effectively restoring freshness, improving air flow and purification of the system.


An air conditioning service should be done every 2 years consisting of an anti-bacterial and odour treatment as well as a full examination of the air conditioning system, draining and revitalising the system with fresh gas to improve efficiency and cooling power


  • Full air conditioning servicing
  • De-bug treatments available
  • Air conditioning diagnostics

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